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Bathroom Word Search Puzzle Wall Decor

SKU: BathPuzzle
Forgot your phone? No problem! This Word Search Puzzle wood sign will sure entertain you while doing your business :)

This sturdy & classic distressed sign is a perfect addition to your bathroom decorations.

It measures 11 x 14 inches and is 1/4 inch thick oak plywood.

With 6 background choices to choose from, you can make this sign match the feel of your bathroom.

6 Backgrounds include: Natural wood, white spray paint, oak stain, or one of the 3 wash paints.
"acrylic wash" is a technique when you dilute the paint w/ water resulting in a semi-transparent layer or color that allows the character of wood to still be visible and give that rustic look.

For "wash" background, I do a white wash paint on the wood, then sand it to get the distressed look. I then do a coat of your chosen wash color.

The sign has 2 holes to accommodate the jute cord for hanging. If you prefer not to have the holes because you're planning to display it on a shelf, you can definitely do that. Just let me know!

After I sand, paint (if requested), cut/engrave, & clean, I then seal the sign with non-toxic wood sealant.

The back side - I just sand and put a coat of non-toxic wood sealant.

I buy the wood from our local lumber yard.

I engrave every sign to order on my commercial laser.