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Christmas Wood Snowflake Ornaments

SKU: SnowflakeOrnaments
These Christmas snowflake wood ornaments are a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations!

20 snowflake designs.
You can have the ornaments painted, stained, or in natural wood color.

If you want to combine spray paint, stained, or natural wood color for your ornaments, please choose the option that you know you'll be doing more of.
Example you're buying 10 snowflakes ornaments, and you want 5 of them spray painted, 3 stained, and 2 natural... PLEASE do choose the spray paint option.

Spray painted ornaments will have glitter/sparkle finish.
No paint/stain ornaments will show the "burn" color from my laser on all the edges.

Comes with natural twine, so they're ready for you to hang and enjoy.

Makes a great gift for friends and relatives as well as for your own family.

The round ornament is 3.5 inches in diameter, plus the 1/2 inch hole on top to accommodate the natural twine for hanging.

I buy the wood from our local lumber yard.

After I sand, cut, clean, & paint (if requested), I then seal the ornaments with non-toxic wood sealant.

I cut/engrave every order on my commercial laser.

Please provide info THIS way:
Ornaments: A C R S - Natural

C- White paint
L - Red paint

G-Oak Stain
M-Cherry Stain
D-Mahogany Stain

Do this for as many snowflakes you're buying.

Please read the description if you want to combine colors.