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LGBTQ Gender Pronoun Button Badges

SKU: ButtonBadge
This simple yet powerful tool is perfect for anyone who wants to be addressed exactly how they want to!

The buttons are 2.25 inches (58mm) in diameter... big enough to grab anyone's attention.
Sometimes you don't need to say anything and let your badges do the talking!

These pronoun button badges are a perfect way to help people that you're interacting with use the right pronoun that you prefer.
You can wear it to work or school so everyone can see it, or you can attach it to your bag wherever you go!

Made of metal shell, clear mylar covers, and plastic base back with a metal pin for fastening.
I accidentally bought badges that have a different metal pin for fastening (please check out the 3rd to the last image in the listing).
Unless you specify which one you prefer, I will send you the one I have on hand at the moment you placed your order.

These are NOT small pinback buttons.
I recommend checking out all the pictures.
Especially the 2nd to the last picture with the button next to a tape measure. It should give you a pretty good idea of how big the button badges are.

In the last listing image, I included different flag colors for the background instead of the main PRIDE colors.

I am still learning about our LGBTQ+ community, so if you find anything inaccurate either in the description or pictures, please message me and help me correct it.
Also, if there are pronouns you would like to use instead, please message me as well.

Materials: Metal and Plastic Pinback Buttons