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Baby Monthly Milestone - Laser Wood Engraved

SKU: BabyMilestones
Capture the first year of your baby's life with these monthly photo props!

Commemorate each month with these beautiful laser-engraved wood milestones.
You will get everything you need for a beautiful monthly photo shoot to remember each month of your child's first year.

You will receive 13 discs which include: Hello World, 1-11 months, and 1 year. Each disc is about 4 3/4 in diameter.
Your choice of 5pcs accessories (Hearts, Flowers, or Music). They are 2-4 inches in size.
The discs and accessories are made of 1/8 oak plywood

Your Baby's name (5 font choices). Up to 11.5 inches wide and up to 4 inches tall.
Made of 1/4 oak plywood. You can use this as décor in your baby's room as well!

You can also get these in natural color or stained.
I will make sure the wood is fully dry before shipping.

The edges of the discs, accessories, and the name will have dark color from my laser.

This will be a wonderful gift for expecting or new parents.