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Button Badge Reel - Personalized Retractable Badge Holder

SKU: ButtonBadgeReel
This personalized badge reel is a perfect addition to your professional attire!

The white background makes your name and credential stand out while looking stylish.
With three beautiful cursive & three masculine fonts, and ten 1-Letter initial colors to choose from,
you can customize this badge to match your workplace and your personality!

PLEASE provide the credential in the personalization area along with your name. It does NOT come
with any credentials like RN, MD, PA etc. You have to let me know.

The 1-letter initial colors are on the lighter shades to make sure it won't overpower the name,
but you can always get it in a darker color. Just let me know and I'll send you a mock-up of your chosen color, so you can see how it'll look first.

These ID badge reels are perfect for anyone working in the medical field like nurses, doctors, but also for teachers, students, or anyone working anywhere that requires quick and frequent access to ID badges/keys.

You can get this personalized ID badge in many forms:
Slide/Belt Clip: The long metal slide fits on any scrub collar/pocket or belt loop.

For Lanyards (Lanyard NOT Included): If you prefer to use your own lanyard. It has a 10mm-hole on top that can accommodate the most common snap hooks.

With Black Nylon Lanyard: Soft & Smooth Nylon Woven Strap. About 21 inches long and 0.6 inch wide. Comes with a swivel metal snap hook and an extra string with a plastic buckle that you can use to carry more IDs or a cardholder.

With Homemade Paracord Lanyard: I make the lanyard using 550 paracords. About 18 inches long (but the neck strap only measures 14 1/2 inches long from the top of the cobra design). Big enough to accommodate most heads, but please do let me know if you want it a little bit longer, and I can definitely do that for you! Comes with 2 swivel hooks. One for the customized badge reel, and an extra one you can use to carry more IDs or a cardholder.

**Please look at all the pictures, especially the last three**

The badge reel measures 1 1/2 inches in diameter.
I create the button using my button machine then I attach it without the pin on the back to the front face of the badge reel using permanent glue.
The button is sealed with mylar for a durable yet stylish badge reel. You can easily clean it using a moist towel and wipe it off.

If you're interested in buying a lot of these badge reels, please message me first for a discount code :)