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Christmas Ornaments- Customized Family Ornaments

SKU: RoundOrnaments
These personalized Christmas wood ornaments are a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations!

These sturdy wood ornaments will sure become a keepsake to be treasured for a long time.

Makes a great gift for friends and relatives as well as for your own family.

4 ornament designs & 10 colors to choose from.
Natural, Summer Oak Stain, Golden Oak Stain, Mahogany Stain, Cherry Stain, Chestnut Stain, Gold, Silver, Gold Glitter, and Silver Glitter.

Comes with natural twine, so they're ready for you to hang and enjoy.

No paint/stain ornaments will show the "burn" color from my laser on all the edges.

I had a hard time showing the true color of silver, so please check out the video.
The Silver and Gold are metallic colors, so they're a little shinier than what the pictures show.

The round ornament is 4 inches in diameter, plus the 1/2 inch hole on top to accommodate the natural twine for hanging.
**Letters, snowflakes, etc. will be adjusted to make sure the whole ornament is stable and sturdy**

10 characters maximum.
The longer the name the smaller the font size will be.
Either the machine will just burn it or it won't look good at all.
All letters have to be connected, so any 2 short names will not have space in between.