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Family Christmas Ornaments

SKU: 3LayerOrnamentStain
Do you want to personalize your Christmas tree without putting too many name ornaments? Well, this ornament with all the family members' names is the perfect one for you!

These personalized Family Christmas wood ornaments will allow you to display all the family members without hanging too many ornaments!

Perfect gift for grandma and grandpa to display all their grandkids in one ornament!

These sturdy wood ornaments will surely become a keepsake to be treasured for a long time.

Makes a great gift for friends and relatives as well as for your own family.

3 Sizes Available:
*Small - Up to 7 names (4 inches in diameter with 1/4 hole on top for the twine)
*Medium - Up to 10 names (4.5 inches in diameter with 1/4 hole on top for the twine)
*Large - Up to 14 names (5.4 inches in diameter with 1/4 hole on top for the twine)

You can buy a bigger size with fewer names. Like choosing Medium size but only doing 6 names. It just means that the Ornaments inside & names will be a little bigger.

3 Color Combinations:
Stain (Natural and Golden Oak Stain Combinations)
Red & Green Paint
White & Black

If you want to reverse the colors like Black & White or Green & Red, or if you want other color combinations (like white & red, green & white), please let me know and we can do that!

Comes with natural twine, so they're ready for you to hang and enjoy.

Stain ornaments will show the "burn" color from my laser on all the edges.

Please keep in mind that I hand-paint everything, so it'll not be perfectly smooth painted but will show some brush strokes.
Also, if you want the names to be in specific locations, please be very specific about where you want them placed.
I usually place names from left to right and top to bottom.

These take up to 4-5 days to create, so make sure you provide all the necessary information to eliminate back-and-forth messaging that will definitely delay me from working on your order sooner.