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** During the checkout process in the Order Notes section, please provide the last name and the paint color you want to use for the last name (see last picture in the listing for the paint color choices)

Add a touch of personalization to your home decorations.

This sturdy and beautiful 3D Family wreath sign is a perfect addition to your home decor!

11.5-inch circle. The base is 1/4 inch thick & the cutout is 1/4 inch thick.

With 3 different flowers & 42 paint colors for your last name to choose from, you can make this personalized family wreath perfectly match the feel of your home.

I hand paint the base, then the letters. After everything is dry, I then attach the letters to the base using wood glue. Then I use hot glue gun to attach the flowers.

I staple the jute cord on the back so you'll be able to hang it right away. If you prefer displaying it on a counter/shelf, let me know and I won't attach the jute cord and I'll include either hanging strips or a plastic stand.

Although I put wood sealant to protect it from moisture, it is not meant to be an outdoor decoration.

I source all of the wood from our local lumber yard.

We create each unique product you order in the sequence received. Most products take 2-7 days to create.

We then carefully pack and ship your order via USPS or UPS. We email tracking information so you know when your order will be delivered.