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This mix-and-match pebble art is a cute way to display your affection!
Whether it's with your husband, wife, girlfriend, boyfriend, or best friend,
this heart-shaped keychain will be a perfect addition to your purse accessories!

The best gift is both personal and functional! This keychain is a wonderful and thoughtful give to that special someone.

With nine pebbles, nine backgrounds, and a whole lot of fonts to choose from, you can customize this keychain just to your liking. You can even add a dog or a cat!

You can mix and match anything to your heart's content, so it's really important that you provide ALL the necessary information.

~Pebbles will be arranged from left to right. The left pebble will be slightly taller than the right pebble. If you want the right pebble to be the taller one, please make sure that you mention it.
~Your choice of background will be for both sides of the keychain unless you specifically mention that the other side is just white or a different color background (if doing other personalization on the back)
~Your choice of font will be for both sides of the keychain unless you specifically mention that you want a different font for the other side (if doing other personalization on the back)
~Font choices are for the names/words only and not numbers for a date. Cursive and other fonts have not-so-easy-to-read numbers
~You can have the pebbles on both sides, or you can have a special message or other personalization on the other side
~You can add extra stuff like a paw, heart, star, etc. but please be specific where you want it.

PLEASE be very specific and provide all the necessary information to prevent back-and-forth messaging, which will totally slow down the process of creating and shipping your keychain.

The keychain is 2 inches wide by 2 inches tall and made of FRP (Fiber-reinforced plastic).
I sublimate (print) the designs, so they will not rub off!

Please let me know what font you prefer. Just add it to the order notes.

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