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Laser Cut Wood Santa Magic Key Door Hanger

SKU: MagicKey

This is a perfect addition to your Christmas decorations!

If your family still believes in Santa, and you do not have a chimney, this is a perfect answer to your little one's question ... how is Santa gonna get in and leave our presents?? We don't have a chimney!

You can choose a door knob or door handle hanger. Comes in natural, red, or gold painted engraved wood.
Comes with cut & engraved wooden Santa key that's attached to the door hanger with a ribbon.

Makes a great gift for friends and relatives as well as for your own family.

I buy the wood from our local lumber yard!

After I sand, paint, engrave, & clean the door hanger, I then seal it with non-toxic wood sealant.

I engrave every order on my commercial laser.

Materials: Oak Plywood, Ribbon

The main image, which has the "hook" style door hanger will be the one to buy if you have a door handle.