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Spring Leaves Shadow - Laser Cut Wood Lantern

SKU: Lantern
Spring has sprung! Update and elevate your spring and summer decor with this candleholder lantern

This rustic wood lantern is a perfect addition to your home décor!

Illuminate your room with this beautiful laser-cut wood lantern! Enjoy the mesmerizing leaf shadows that this candle holder produces.

Enjoy this wood lantern not only during nighttime! It's a beautiful addition to your spring and summer home decor!

Lantern B comes with a lantern and a battery-operated flameless LED votive candle. Having a top does not allow for good airflow and a real candle makes it really hot... NOT SAFE!
Lantern A & C comes with either the lantern, a votive tea light holder, 2 unscented tea light candles OR the battery-operated flameless LED votive candle
The tea light candle is a little brighter than the LED votive candle. The votive also has more of a yellowish tint than the real candle.
Please check out all the pictures.

Lantern C is big enough to accommodate a bigger candle, so if you want brighter and more pronounced leaf shadows, you can definitely have that with a bigger candle. Of course, be mindful of how big the candle is. You don't want anything too big that's too close to the wall/top of the lantern as it would not be safe to do so.

If you already have an LED votive candle (lantern B's door is about 2 inches wide), or votive tealight holder and tea light candles, you can buy just the lantern :)

I took the pictures and videos in a small room, with lights off and blinds and curtains down to have a really dark room to show the leaf shadows.
The amount of shadow visibility will depend on how dark and big/small your room is.

3 stain choices:
Summer oak
Rustic Sage
Antique White

The stain produces a beautiful shade of color but still allows the wood texture and characteristics to show.

Style A: Small lantern
The lantern is made of 1/8 inch oak plywood.
About 4 inches tall, 4.5 inches wide, 4 inches depth.

Style B: with Top lantern
The lantern is made of 1/8 inch oak plywood.
About 8 inches tall, 5 inches wide, 4.5 inches depth.
Hexagonal-shaped lantern and one of the panels open up like a door.

Style C: Big Lantern
The lantern is made of 1/8 inch oak plywood.
About 7 inches tall, 6.5 inches wide, 5.75 inches depth.

Some burn marks from my laser engraver/cutter will be visible, especially inside.