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Wood Bathroom Wall Décor

SKU: 3DBathroom
Going to the bathroom shouldn't be a serious business! Bring some fun and smile while you're enjoying your bathroom time.

These sturdy and beautiful 3D bathroom signs will sure give your bathroom character!

With 3 different sizes and many options for background colors/stains, you can make this 3D wood décor match your bathroom!

The base is 1/4 inch thick & the design is 1/8 inch thick.
For the base, I engrave the lines on one piece of wood to give it a texture.

Natural, white spray paint, oak stain, or one of the 3 wash paints.
"acrylic wash" is a technique when you dilute the paint w/ water resulting in a semi-transparent layer or color that allows the characters of wood to still be visible.

For the "wash" background, I do whitewash paint on the wood and then sand it to get the distressed look.
I then do a coat of your chosen wash color.

For the cutouts, I use Rust-Oleum Black Metallic spray paint, which has a little bit of glitter/sparkle effect. Then I use a permanent bond glue to attach them to the base.

After attaching the cutouts, I spray a clear acrylic sealer to help protect them from moisture.

NOTE: The edge of the "wash background" will be the same color of your choice or I can leave the edge with the "burn" color from my machine cutting the round shape. Just let me know.

I hand paint each background (even the oak stain), so the bathroom sign that you receive may look a little different (lighter or darker) than the pictures in the listing.

These kinds of signs are mostly displayed just by leaning them on the wall, next to other bathroom stuff, on a shelf, or tiered tray.
But if you would like to hang yours, let me know and I'll include hanging strips. I want you to be able to display this as soon as you get it!

The color of the design (people, fart zone, bath, etc.) is black, but you can change it to whatever color you want - please check out the 4th to the last picture to see an example where the people are painted gray instead.
The 3rd to the last picture shows the available paint colors that I have. Just let me know in the personalization area, or message me, of any changes you want.

I source all of the wood from our local lumber yard.